Busy weekend

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Really exhausted last few days! After waiting for quite sometime, we finally received our first batch of goods last Thursday. Goods were received in good condition.

We have been busy checking out the stocks, doing our stock costing and arranging out our catalogue. Hopefully we can provide customers very detail and user friendly website. :)

Wondering when our website to be launched? Hi.... we're working hard on it. Stay tune! :)

Last Saturday, we woke up early in the morning. That day was Jacinda childcare's Sport Day. We all, including her younger brother Jeff, went to cheer for her. She was very much enjoying herself on the Sport Day. She was very excited to receive a bronze medal :). Exhausted, she went for a nap in the afternoon. Not only her, we all went for nap too. :)

Monday was Jeff's 2nd Birthday. However we were celebrating his birthday on Sunday evening. We were having a small party for him. This year we have more people here. My younger brother, Chin and youngest sister Pia Ling have been working here few months ago. There weren't many people last time as we invited only Gordon's sister, Ivy and her husband, Clarence. Ivy is going to due soon then our No. 3 kid will join us after Chinese New Year. Next year we will have more kids to celebrate birthdays. :)

We have been busy since Sunday morning, mostly preparing foods for the party. However, we still bought some dishes for the party. I have no confidence to put my cooking on the table. :) Not only me was tired, Gordon was very tired too. Not only he has to do Cheerful Mama website, but also helped me to clean and tidy up our house and do some decoration for the party. However seeing the kids's happiness at the party kills our tiredness. Jeff was enjoyed the party but we think that Jacinda was enjoying the party much more. She's eagerly waiting for her birthday next month. She is counting for the day to come since few months ago. :)

Sneak Preview

Monday, November 5, 2007

We have finalized order with our supplier and goods will be arriving soon....

Besides selling nursing/maternity lingerie, we will also be carrying baby pouch, toddler training pants, kids clothes. One of the interesting products is the animal rompers. Picture on the right shows a sneak preview of a animal rompers. We will reveal the rompers when we open our online store.

Kid with this romper on will definitely make the mother a very cheerful mama. :)

Stay tune for more updates......