Bangkok Trip - part 1

Friday, January 18, 2008

We went to Bangkok for a short holiday trip from 9th to 12th Jan '08. The last time we went for traveling, I was in 3 month pregnancy with Jeff. This time I'm bring a 7-month big "belly" and 2 more kids with me; this really gave me a very good experience. We were all very exhausted, nevertheless we had a very much fun and exciting trip. :)

I never expected to carry such a big "belly" to travel. I thought I would not be able to go anywhere. We bought the air tickets before I'm expecting. After consulting with my gynea, we went ahead with the trip. :)

We took Air-Asia flight. The plane took off an hour late from the planned 10:50am. Jeff felt asleep before the take off and slept thru the whole flight. By the time we arrived in Bangkok, he was very thirsty. We didn't have any water with us as we weren't allowed to bring more than 100ml liquid on board. I thought of buying some water for him but as he was asleep and I forgot about it. The night that we arrived, Jeff felt sick, probably caused by the dryness. This experience remind me to ask for water for Jeff from the air stewardess when the plane took off on our way back. Although Air-Asia doesn't provide free foods and drinks, they are still willing to serve mummies who are giving their babies or toddlers water. :)
Jeff was having high fever on the first night. Luckily, I brought some medicines with me. After taking the medicine, he slept well that night.

Here are some tips might be helpful for mummy when going abroad with kids

  • Always remember to bring some common medicine with you
  • To bring down fever, we can pour water to a clean diaper and use it as a Koolfever.
  • When toddler having constipation, we can use a clean shower cap as a glove, take a small amount of wet soap and insert in into the anus.